Hyundai Touch Up Paint

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Hyundai is re-designing the paint pens. We are experiencing delays of up to 3 months in receiving these new designed pens. You will be notified VIA email if the paint for your vehicle is on back order. Paint for newly designed Hyundai models may also be delayed up to 6 months.

Genuine Hyundai Touch Up paint. Dual side pens feature half color and half clear coat. Single sided pens now come pre-mixed with clear coat for easier application. Bottles are pre-mixed with clear coat and feature a dual applicator, a pen and a brush. A bottle of clear coat is available separately for an addtional $9.26.

The paint comes as a pen or bottle, not both. Most colors from 1986-2009 come as a pen, most colors after 2010 will come in a bottle. There is no choice on which will be sent, it is based on how Hyundai ships them to us.

Some colors are not available because they have been discontinued or are still in development. You will be notified VIA email if the paint for your vehicle is not available.

To ensure you receive the correct color please supply the 2 or 3 digit color code with your order.

Trim code is the interior color, NOT the molding colors. Touch-up paint is not supplied for molding parts!

*Some pearl paints are only sold in a 2 bottle kits (base coat and top coat). All JR and SWA paint codes will be billed for 2 bottles ($18.64).*

*International Customers* Please supply your color code our system can only look up VIN information for USA spec vehicles.

The color code can be found on the VIN Plate which is located on the inside of the driver's door or on the driver's door pillar (see picture to the below).

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Hyundai Touch Up Paint
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Hyundai Touch Up Paint
By John
I spoke with a body shop (that does work for the Hyundai dealer I use) and they recommend that excess clear coat can be removed by wiping the area with paint thinner a couple of days after it dries and quickly wiping off the thinner before it dries. The shop did not have the brand or name of the solvent so ask for it from the dealer or paint shop as there are several different solvents....and the one used as a thinner for the cars' spray top coat is only appropriate. Otherwise it is delicate work best left to the shop (ask my wife! ... but wait a few months for my sake).

Featured negative reviews:

Hyundai Touch Up Paint
Probably not again08/07/2013
By Kurt Wagner
I placed an order at noon and at 2pm I received an e-mail saying the items were at the Fed Ex pickup, which oddly enough was only 25 miles form my house. But for some reason, the place opted to save a few pennies and use Smartpost which ships the package to the closest USPS facility and the mail man does the final delivery. Bottom line, is it took over 1 week to get the package....all because this store saved a few pennies. I will not do business with them again. Too bad, because they were super responsive in boxing it all up and getting it to Fed Ex....but bad call on the dely method.

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