2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Carpeted Mats

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Floor mats are something you probably don't think about very often. But if you consider the cost of replacement carpet for your car, floor mats suddenly become a fantastic value. Floor mats are required equipment when it comes to protecting your investment, especially if you live in an area that sees lots of winter weather. Without a good set of floor mats, slush and snow can soak into your car or truck carpet, through the carpet padding, and begin rusting out the floorpans--without you even knowing it! Protect your investment with these custom designed and color matched floor mats.

  • Sold in sets of 4.

2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Carpeted Mats
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2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Carpeted Mats
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Once I was able to figure out how to fill out the form for international delivery to Canada, then all was good. I found the product I needed very easily on the website... I placed the order... I received confirmation that the order went through... And then I received an email that the order was shipped out the next day. Now all I had to do now was wait to get my order from USPS. The wait was approx 3 weeks which was fine as I was in no rush. The delivery service kept me apprise of where my parcel was at the key intervals. It really was impressive of their tracking system. Overall I was very happy with my experience with the Hyundai Accessory Store. If I find another opportunity to order from them again, I will. Oh yeah, the product I received was authentic, I received a copy of my invoice for my records and a business card which I could use for future dealings with them. Very professional to deal with... Thank you for the great service and the great product...

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