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2011 - 2016 Hyundai Equus Accessories - Hyundai Accessory Store

Hyundai Equus Floor Mats
Hyundai Equus Carpeted Floor Mats $269.00
$242.10 On Sale!

Hyundai Equus Car Cover
Hyundai Equus Car Cover $395.00
$355.50 On Sale!

Hyundai Equus Rear Bumper Protector
Hyundai Equus Rear Bumper Applique $118.00
$106.20 On Sale!

Hyundai Equus Trunk Mat
Hyundai Equus Cargo Mat $140.00
$126.00 On Sale!

Hyundai Equus Seat Back Protector
Hyundai Equus Seat Back Protector $65.00
$58.50 On Sale!

Hyundai License Plate Frame
Hyundai License Plate Frame $22.95
$20.66 On Sale!

Genuine Hyundai 30 Pin iPod Cable $35.00
$31.50 On Sale!

Hyundai Premium First Aid Kit $50.00
$45.00 On Sale!

Hyundai First Aid Kit
Hyundai First Aid Kit $50.00
$45.00 On Sale!

Jimmy Fund Jack Doll
Jimmy Fund Jack $20.00
$18.00 On Sale!

Hyundai Equus Rear Emblem $79.00
$49.99 On Sale!

Hyundai Wheel Locks
Hyundai Wheel Locks $47.00
$42.30 On Sale!

Car Wash Bucket $49.99
$44.99 On Sale!

Hyundai Roadside Assistance Kit
Hyundai Roadside Assistance Kit $61.50
$55.35 On Sale!

2011 Hyundai Equus Information
Click here for more information on the 2011 Hyundai Equus

As Hyundai's flagship rear-wheel-drive sedan, Equus contains many Hyundai firsts.

One innovative new technology is the Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) system, which governs ESC, the electronic parking brake, smart cruise control, the collision warning sensor and the seatbelt tensioning system for optimal safety. The seatbelt tensioning system works through sensors, which detect critical driving situations and retract the seatbelts accordingly to prevent passenger movement. The Equus' dynamic safety package is further enhanced by the Lane Departure Warning System and driver's knee airbags.

Beyond safety, the Equus will also debut power rear side-window sunshades, a heated steering wheel, power trunk lid, dual power, heated and cooled front seats, rain-repelling front side windows, a thermoelectric rear console refrigerator, 60/40 split power reclining rear seats and electronically-controlled Air Suspension with dual-mode Continuous Damping Control. Several new driver information technologies make their debut on the Equus. Driver and passengers can keep an eye on the Equus' numerous electronic systems through the 3.5-inch TFT LCD vehicle information monitor. Equus also features a forward-view cornering camera and a parking guide system with both top view and rear view perspectives.

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