Hyundai Clear Door Pocket Protector

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Help prevent scratches on your vehicle and protect the paint under your door handles with these door pocket films.

  • Self adhesive clear vinyl.
  • Comes with detailed instructions.

Hyundai Clear Door Pocket Protector
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Hyundai Clear Door Pocket Protector
Great Protection
Very durable clear protection film, but it can be difficult to install. Instructions state Difficulty: Dealer Technician. You have to use a soapy solution (Baby Shampoo + water) as part of installation. If you've never applied stickers using a soapy solution, then it might be a challenge at first. With the soapy solution, you can actually move the film around to center it. I think the instructions should be modified to say that you should spray the solution on the sticky side of the film too which will make it more slippy (to help with placement). You need patience in using the squeeze the bubbles out. Package includes 2 extra film protectors in case you mess up. When it dries, you should be very happy with the results.

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