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When you change your vehicle's height you can expect to change your vehicle's suspension geometry as well. These camber changes can affect both your tire wear and how your vehicle handles. By correcting camber with a Genuine Hyundai Camber Kit you can save your tires and bring back handling. It allows both positive and negative camber changes up to approximately 1.75 degrees (depending on vehicle) by replacing the upper O.E. strut/spindle bolt. This easy to use adjuster provides built-in adjustment over the life of a vehicle just by rotating the head of the bolt. Each kit contains two cam bolt assemblies, enough for both sides of the vehicle.

NO Special Tools, NO Grinding Necessary

Installation Instructions
1. Take alignment readings and determine amount of camber change needed.
2. Raise vehicle and remove tire and wheel
3. Remove the upper strut spindle bolt. Line up small tab with cam on bolt. Install bolt with large tab out toward wheel for positive camber or in away from wheel for negative camber. Add lock nut, but do not tighten. Loosen the lower bolt.
4. Reinstall tire and wheel, and readjust alignment equipment. Rotate cam bolt to obtain desired camber reading.
Torque bolts as follow (do not exceed)
00118-00000 (12mm) @ 55 ft/lbs (74Nm)
00118-00001 (14mm) @ 77 ft/lbs (105Nm)
5. Complete alignment and road test vehicle.
We strongly recommend having this procedure performed at an Alignment Shop!
Kit Hyundai Accent-Elantra Bolts fits:
1995-2005 Accent
1991-1994 Scoupe
1991-2006 Elantra
1997-2001 Tiburon
Kit Hyundai Sonata-Tiburon Bolts fits:
1989-1995 Sonata
2003-2006 tiburon


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