Hyundai Spin-on Oil Filter

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Why trust the life blood of your engine to some cheap knock-off filter? These filters are designed and manufactured by Hyundai, made for your Hyundai.

Hyundai has released a TSB (#05-20-002) "Use of aftermarket engine oil filters causing engine knocking noise.” The TSB notes that, “Some vehicles may experience an engine knock noise with the use of aftermarket oil filters. Aftermarket oil filters may use different materials, construction and specifications than genuine Hyundai oil filters, which may lead to pressure variations within the engine, thus contributing to an engine knocking noise.”

Save yourself the hassle, use genuine parts! Don't forget your drain plug gaskets.

Please include your VIN number to ensure you recieve the correct filter.

    26300-35503 (spin on)
      All Hyundai vehicles prior to 2006.
      Accent - All years and engine sizes
      Elantra - All years and engine sizes
      Elantra Touring - All years and engine sizes
      Excel - All years and engine sizes
      Genesis Coupe - 2010 and up 2.0L engine only
      Scoupe - All years and engine sizes
      Santa Fe - 2001-06 All engine sizes
      Santa Fe - 2007 and up 2.4L/2.7L engines
      Sonata - 1988-05 All engine sizes
      Sonata - 2006 and up 2.4L engine only (including Hybrid)
      Tiburon - All years and engine sizes
      Tucson - All years and engine sizes
      Veloster - All years and engine sizes
      XG300/350 - All years and engine sizes
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Hyundai Spin-on Oil Filter
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Hyundai Spin-on Oil Filter
Good Filter for the Price
I change my own oil and sometimes I bring my car the dealer for service and oil changes. I have used OEM Hyundai Oil filters (the same my dealer uses) without any problems. In my opinion, Hyundai makes a good quality and durable filter that costs about the same as regular aftermarket brands. The gasket does not fall off the filter when installing or stick to the car when the filter is removed and the metal housing is a thicker steel than some others. Also, each new filter has plastic shrink wrap over the contact end to keep it clean.

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