Hyundai Cabin Air Filter

Hyundai Cabin Air Filter

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Cabin air filters help eliminate common airborne pollutants from the interior of your vehicle.

Recommended replacement interval; once a year, or every 12,000 miles.

Hyundai Cabin Air Filter
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Hyundai Cabin Air Filter
2015 Sonota Air Filters
Awesome shipping! The dealership asked my wife if she would like her air filters changed, when she asked how much they replied $137...yes, $137. She called me to inquire and I asked her to ask them if this was correct or gold lined, maybe they said $13.70. No, they said $137 because there are 2 filters needing replaced, ohhhh, there are 2 so that's why. What a freaken joke and rip off!! I ordered these at the 10 o'clock hour (same morning) and they arrived the following evening. Total cost - about $35 and maybe 10-minutes to change both. Pretty sad I can get almost 3-oil changes with 20-something point inspection throughout a year's timeframe for just about the same price as a product made of fabric and cardboard. Always, Always do your research, and thanks to Hyundai parts online!! Easiest cabin filter I have ever changed in all the vehicles I've owned.

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