Hyundai Tucson Cargo Tray

2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Cargo Tray

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Save your Tucson’s rear cargo area from wear and tear with this specially fitted Cargo Tray. Washable and durable, this liner will help to protect your cargo area from spills, dirt and other debris.

  • Only available in black. 

2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Cargo Tray
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2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Cargo Tray
Great communication, items exactly as described and willing to resolve any issues promptly. Do business again any time. Thank you guys.

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2010-15 Hyundai Tucson Cargo Tray
Hyundai - Cargo Tray
I must say I was seriously disappointed with the quality. The thinness of the material. The packaging was the worst. It was folded (and that should have indicated the quality) because of that it took days to flatten out. It is still uneven. the edges were misshaped because of the packaging. I have do not have a problem with this site but I am seriously considering not buying from them again. Too much of an extreme inconvenience to return, but I would have if I had the time.
Our responseSorry for the inconvenience, Due to the size of the box that a cargo tray would ship in without being folded would cost twice the price of the product just to ship. We fold them up into 48x8x8 boxes to keep this shipping cost affordable. Usually the tray would flatten out in time or warmer weather. If you would consider us in the future please ask for me (Josue) and I would do my best to make up for this. Thank you Josue

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