2012-17 Hyundai Veloster Fuel Door

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This exquisitely designed fuel door are sure to catch the eyes of other Hyundai lovers.

2012-17 Hyundai Veloster Fuel Door
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2012-17 Hyundai Veloster Fuel Door
The only one in Britain?
It seems this item is only available in the US or Australia, which is a shame in a way, but it does mean I may have the only Veloster in the UK with the upgraded fuel door. It's not cheap, particularly with shipping costs, but is it worth it?

The cons? It took 3 weeks to arrive, and as I say, it costs quite a bit.

The pros: It's simple to fit (even includes instructions, though it wasn't complicated), it's a perfect fit (Being a Hyundai part, it was probably designed on the same CAD as the original part) and it looks great. It appears to be a homage to the Tiburon filler, no bad thing, as that it probably the coolest fuel door ever fitted to a production car. Bought from hyundaiaccessorystore as they offer international shipping on their accessories, unlike most others, making purchase simple, and the price compared quite well with other outlets, so thanks guys!

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