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First Drive Of Hyundai Genesis Coupe Published By Car Middle East Magazine

We’ve given you manufacturer-supplied details about the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, but now Car Middle East has taken it upon themselves to publish the first drive review of the upcoming Mustang-fighter. Thanks to Car’s question-and-answer session with themselves we can tell you that, thanks to the Hyundai-built 3.8-liter V6, and combined with a limited-slip rear, the testers were able to engage in “some top quality rear-wheel slidey fun accompanied by a thoroughly enjoyable sound track from the dual exhausts.” The package is good enough to get four stars from the buff book, but is there anything they didn’t like?

The Koreans have moved their game on considerably in recent years. The dash is soft touch, the gear knob is a handsome beast and the chunky sports seats grip you around the bends just as they should. There are also some very fetching aluminium pedals and door sills to spruce up an otherwise fairly standard interior, and there’s full iPod and USB stick compatibility. The instrument binnacle and some of the switchgear still feels a little on the plasticky side though – Volkswagen and Toyota won’t be worrying about the Korean’s quality levels yet. But this is a car that isn’t just about functionality. It has soul to it, emotion – something we haven’t really seen from Korea before.

With the high rating and lack of real complaints other than switchgear, Car Middle East basically claims the Genesis Coupe marks the ascension of the Koreans to a new level. If Hyundai goes the way of Nissan, in ten years perhaps we’ll have a Hyundai-built GT-R competitor for Porsche to attempt to discredit. Or, if they go the way of Ford, in ten years perhaps we’ll have a Hyundai-built Mustang-killer in every possible variant under the sun.

Source: Car Middle East